The world’s first certified HRC Gripper on the market

The SVH 5-finger hand received the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Certificate for safe, collaborative operation.

SCHUNK, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology has mastered a decisive step on the way to safe human/robot collaboration: As the world’s first robot gripper, the SCHUNK SVH 5-finger hand has received the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Certificate and was approved for the collaborative operation.


The series production version of the anthropomorphic SCHUNK 5-finger hand grips nearly as perfectly as the human hand. Due to the moving units of nine drives, various gripping operations can be executed with high sensitivity. Elastic gripping surfaces ensure a reliable grip on objects. The electronics are completely integrated into the wrist.

Product details

Field of Application

With the 5-finger hand, SCHUNK defines the new dimensions of gripping and manipulation tasks, while making a human/robot communication possible by using sensor systems for service robotics.


Advantages – Your benefits

  • Suitable for mobile applications
  • Very compact design
  • Defined interfaces

Mega Trend Human/Robot Collaboration

SCHUNK, the innovative family-owned company, shows with various HRC grippers how humans and robots will be working hand in hand in the future. The highlight is the SCHUNK Co-act Gripper JL1, which is a technology carrier of a new gripper generation and now able to intermediately interact and communicate with humans.

Overview of SCHUNK Co-act Grippers