Smart and Safe! Presented in the US for the first time.

Welcome to the Automate Show 2017 online.

We invite you to visit our booth at this years Automate Show in Chicago. Automate is the broadest automation solutions event in North America, affording the best overview of the entire industry. It attracts thousands of visitors from around the world looking for ways to enhance their processes, improve product quality, lower costs. At our booth we will present you the following cutting-edge technology highlights.

Visit us 04/03 - 04/06/17
North Hall, Booth N1421
Chicago, Illinois.

Floor Plan

The NEW HRC grippers from SCHUNK. Interacting intelligently and safely with humans.

Under the new brand name "Co-act" (collaborative actuator), SCHUNK presents its competence in gripping technology for future human/robot collaboration. The new SCHUNK HRC grippers, Co-act Gripper JL1, EGP, EGN and WSG were presented for the first time in live applications (Co-act Gripper Meets Cobots) at the Automatica show 2016 in Munich / Germany.




ABB-YuMi Equipped by Co-act Gripper MPG-plus

Industry: Electronics.

HRC topic: Collaborative assembly of mechatronics assembly groups.

Application: Using an MPG-plus Co-act gripper, robots precisely insert electronic components in the housing. The final assembly and functional testing are carried out by the employee.

Customer benefits: Increase in efficiency due to simultaneous work processes and taking over tasks that require high concentration.

KUKA LBR iiwa Equipped by Co-act Gripper EGP

Industry: Automotive.

HRC topic: Collaborative assembly of gears.

Application: Gear to be assembled into transmission, using an EGP Co-act gripper. Robot inserts gear independently from gear orientation and tests the free movement of the gear assembly.

Customer benefits: Assembly and test process are automated and combined.

FANUC CR35iA Equipped by Co-act Gripper EGN

Industry: Automotive.

HRC topic: Collaborative assembly of heavy workpieces.

Application: Using the EGN Co-act gripper, robots function as "intelligent load lifters" for handling rims. Employees guide the grippers to the rims using the manual guidance function, positioning them in the wheel housing. After positioning, rims are mounted by employees.

Customer benefits: Improvement of ergonomics and load carrying with heavy workpieces.

Universal Robots UR5 Equipped by Co-act WSG

Industry: Metalworking industry.

HRC topic: Collaborative handling for repetitive tasks.

Application: Using a WSG Co-act gripper, robots load and unload machine tools. Employees can operate several machines and ensure the supply of raw and finished parts.

Customer benefits: Increase in efficiency thanks to loading being performed by robots Meets Cobots.

Interact intelligent and safe

The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers

Now NEW with permanent lubrication in the multi-tooth guidance! Lifelong maintenance-free.* Guaranteed!


The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers offer an improvement on proven technology. The three new features of the new pneumatic SCHUNK PGN-plus-P distinguishes by: improved multi-tooth guidance, permanent lubrication with permanent lubrication pockets, and maximum force for higher workpiece weights.

* Under normal, clean operating conditions.

Perfected benchmark in gripping!

Gripper Fingers made of Plastic, Steel or Aluminum - at the Push of a Button.

SCHUNK eGRIP from the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems reduces the design and ordering time for customized gripper fingers.

Only minimal data and a few steps are needed. Then SCHUNK eGRIP designs custom gripper fingers with the optimal 3D contour. SCHUNK eGRIP can calculate even complex geometries very quickly.

This is how it works:

  1. Simply send CAD-Data of the workpiece.
  2. The expert application engineers at SCHUNK will design the fingers and give an offer for price and delivery-time
  3. Fingers will be 3D printed and delivered quickly

SCHUNK synergy

Clamping technology and gripping systems for your production automation


Make full use of your machine’s potential - with the extensive product portfolio from SCHUNK. Production automation means flexible, automated production processes with maximum efficiency.

  • High productivity throughout your cycle times
  • Consistently high product quality through precise and repeatable processes
  • Automated unmanned set-up processes

Reduce costs by combining accurate, flexible workpiece machining with dynamic production automation.

It's time to use your machine's full potential!